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We gather the challenges found in education and training


Learning Hub Friesland is set up to realise the visions, plans and international ambitions of those active in education & training: teachers, trainers and students.


Set up as a foundation, LHF actively tackles the challenges found in education and training in the Friesland region and beyond. We are aim to be the education & training gateway to and from our region: exporting good initiatives developed in our region to other European regions and importing strong examples from elsewhere.


We never operate on our own. In our role as a true hub we like to work together with like-minded people, keen to cooperate and to help us achieve our goals: to make an active contribution to education and training innovation and together address regional challenges and ambitions with an global mindset.


How do we do that? Three main ways: course development & delivery, professionalisation, and of course by connecting people via our hub network.

Our foundation is an experienced organisation in:

  • Developing project proposals for EU funding for schools, or linking schools to other project initiators.

  • Managing and coordinating EU projects and taking care of the administrative and reporting duties for the school.

  • Knowledge and skill development of teaching staff on topics as internationalisation, funding applications and EU project management through workshops, 1-on-1 coaching and job shadowing.

  • Development of innovative teaching and training materials: practical courses and interactive assignments to be used directly in the classroom and beyond. For example VET minors.